Basement Meeting Room

Basement Schedule & Reservations

Our basement meeting room is open for reservations from any community member interested in hosting a group of 5 or more people. The basement can comfortably seat groups of up to 25 people. Folding tables and chairs are available and can be arranged as you see fit. WiFi access extends to the basement easily. Many groups hold meetings, classes, munches, demonstrations, etc. in the shop basement.

This calendar shows the current schedule of reservations. To request a reservation, see the form below.

If viewing on a phone with a narrow screen, turn it long-ways to view the calendar at full-width.

Basement Reservation Request

We'll call you only if we have questions or need to change/cancel your reservation.
Your confirmation will be sent to this address. TCL&L Staff will not disclose your name, phone number, or e-mail address to anyone without your permission.
Who or what will actually be using the basement space.
Approximate attendance expected. This helps us out by planning staffing, supply ordering, etc. if a very large group is expected.
Please keep in mind that the basement meeting room is an extension of the cafe upstairs. All local ordinances of the cafe apply to the basement, and therefore, there can be no smoking, no nudity, etc. Please type your initials in the box below to show you understand this requirement.
If you or your group has any special requests, please list them here and we'll do our best to accommodate. Examples may include certain table or chair arrangements, technology needs, ASL interpreter services for the cafe, etc.
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