Room Odorizers

Update 8/13/2019: We're very sorry to report that our supplier of our of Room Odorizers has ceased all shipping operations to U.S. addresses, including to wholesale customers like us. This restriction is due to circumstances beyond their control and permanent. This means we are no longer able to stock or sell Boot Camp, DiscoFist, FF, Fist, Fukker, Hard Core, Hi-Tech, Liquid Gold, Mini-Fist, Reds, Slam Dunk, Slut!, Stretch, or T.N.T.

We are working hard to settle on a new line of Room Odorizers that lives up to the quality standards you know and trust from Twin Cities Leather & Latte. We will update this site/page when we have a new line in stock, and we hope you'll try our new offerings! Check back soon.

Maximum Impact

Maximum Impact