FF Room Odorizer
FF Room Odorizer


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The strongest of all the odorizers available.

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By clicking "Add to Cart" and completing the checkout process, you hereby verify that you intend to use this item according to package instructions, which are as follows:

"Twist off cap and place bottle on a flat surface. The aroma will develop in the room naturally in approximately 5 minutes."

Neither the product manufacturer nor TCL&L condone the use of this product by any other method. We are required by law to refuse sale to anyone who indicates they intend to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its packaging.

Additional Information

All our Room Odorizers are imported from the U.K. and are of the highest quality. These are rare gems here in the USA, and we're sure you'll love them!

Department: Room Odorizers
Brand: M&K Products
Tags: Staff Pick - Kurt
SKU: 58

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