Twin Cities Leather Weekend 2017

Weekend Schedule

All events are held at The Saloon, 830 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403.
The only ticketed event is Sunday Brunch(Get your ticket here). There are no other tickets or "weekend packages" to purchase.
However, The Saloon may charge standard bar cover for entry or things like coat check, etc.
Kink-U, Sunday Brunch, and Sunday Shower Contest are all 18+ events. All other events are 21+.

  • 7pm-9pm - Meet & Greet the Contestants
    • Prize-giveaways! Huge giveaways courtesy our contest sponsors.
    • Contestants are introduced on-stage and draw their numbers
  • 9pm-Bar Close - SpANK! A Special Tank: A night for Leathermen & Women
  • 11am-1pm - Contestant Interviews (Closed to the public)
  • 1pm-4:30pm - Kink U, brought to you by Titans of the Midwest
    • 1pm-2pm - Panel Discussion: Leather, Kink and Recovery
    • 2:15p-3:15p:
      Session A: Ageplay 101 (AB/DL)
      Session B: Humiliation, Degradation, and Objectification
    • 3:30p-4:30p:
      Session A: Gender Fucking 101
      Session B: Cupping 101
  • 7:30pm - Contest doors open (Saloon Disco Bar)
  • 8:00pm-10pm - The Mr. Twin Cities Leather 2017 Contest
  • 10pm-Bar Close - Victory party for the newly sashed Mr. TCL
  • 11am-1pm - Brunch & Presentation of the Robert "Bobbie" Smith Community First! Award Get your ticket here.
  • Enjoy the rest of the day with your family, friends, and community in Minneapolis.
  • 10pm-1am - The weekly shower contest at the Saloon. This week the prize will be bumped up to $500!

Our Sponsors

Do you want to be Mr. TCL 2017?

The contestant application is now available! Click here!

At Twin Cities Leather & Latte, we value the diversity of all community members. We view title contests as a celebration of diversity, and an opportunity to showcase our community's best and brightest. But that doesn't mean it's open to experienced community members only. No matter what your experience level, your kink or your fetish, you deserve to be a part of the Mr. TCL contest.

We seek contestants who will make a difference in our local community and beyond. We will never ask you to get up on stage at IML or anywhere else and pretend to be someone or something that you are not. It would be easy for us to say that all we are seeking is someone who will win at IML in May - let's face it. That would be great for us and our business. But the title of this contest is Mr.Twin Cities Leather. This is a celebration of our community - it's a chance to show the world what we are made of here in Minnesota, and it's one more way we are committed to our mission: "Community First!"

See the contestant application for more information about eligibility, expectations, and the contest format.

Winner's Prize Package

Twin Cities Leather & Latte, in conjunction with the other contest sponsors, is proud to strongly support their titleholder with a prize package valued at over $5500.00, including:

  • Travel arrangements to and from IML 2017, plus 6 nights' lodging/accommodations at the host hotel
  • Travel arrangements to and from CLAW 2017, plus lodging/accommodations at the host hotel
  • Travel arrangements to and from MAL 2018, plus lodging/accommodations at the host hotel
  • A full set of formal leathers, tailored to fit you and altered to reflect your unique style
  • Mr. Twin Cities Leather 2017 Title Patch and Vest, custom made for you
  • To proudly wear the Mr. TCL legacy sash for your title year, with your title year number
All travel arrangements are booked by Twin Cities Leather & Latte.

Host Hotel

Thanks to our community partnership with The Hampton Inn & Suites Minneapolis/Downtown, we have a room block available for Thursday, Feb 16th through Monday Feb 20th. Rooms are just $104/night, and the hotel is located just a short walk around the corner from The Saloon. Accommodations don't get any better than that in February in Minneapolis! And even better, your room rate includes FREE hot breakfast AND Wifi for your entire stay.