Twin Cities Leather (Queer and IPOC owned/operated) aims to maintain a sustainable community space in Minneapolis for our local like-minded Leatherfolk, alternative lifestyle practitioners, clubs, and organizations to promote the preservation and growth of our vibrant history and culture.

We intend to host a wide variety of events in the space related to Leather culture, the LGBTQ community, munches, classes, and more! Your contributions will allow us to sustain the invaluable meeting space needed to ensure that our community can once again foster growth and the preservation of our lifestyles.


The Details:

We have secured a physical location in Minneapolis with a long term sustainable lease, which has been purchased by members of our community. This will house not only our brick and mortar leather store, but so much more. This means that we no longer run the risk of being displaced for discriminatory or other reasons, and ensures our home is here to stay. Buildout at the new location will be beginning in July.

In addition to the opening of our store, Twin Cities Leather will be facilitating education, community events, and organizing efforts in a dedicated portion of the building specifically for these purposes. Support from our Patreon subscribers will allow us to cover the added costs of leasing such a space, as well as to ensure our community remains accessible by removing financial barriers faced by community members via sliding scale events, and compensate our educators who provide their time and efforts to our community.

At this time, we would like to encourage members of our community to consider subscribing in order to directly fund the creation of this space, coming this Fall. As a supporter you will receive early access to information, things like coupons and discounts, and future perks.


You can sign up now to add your Patreon support by visiting

To our community, and all of our supporters, from the bottom of our hearts,

Thank you,

Karri Plowman Kurt Patton and the TCL Team